Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The parasite is moving in

The system I'm checking out for potential my idea of leechy living looks good enough. The inhabitants are very inactive, I have hardly seen them doing anything when they are on, I still need a few days to get to know them proper. I called the first of my solo-systems for Alpha, so this will be named Beta.

It's a C4 (I wanted carebears), with a static C2 (good for solo shenanigans), it had a bunch of gas- and ore-sites (the inhabitants clearly don't care so much keeping it clean - which is a sign they are not that into scanning) as well as a bunch of combat sites (obviously they don't do sleepers either) and only one indy-tower setup (makes it much easier to keep track of what's going on).

So this might be a pretty nice system to "move into", and start basing out of, as if I actually lived there. Well, I will be living there but I obviously can't setup a permanent POS of my own as that might spook them into some kind of defence behaviour. The idea is to see just how much things I can do out of this system, without getting to much attention from my host. I'm going to be a well-behaved discreet leach, at least for starters.

Wherever I log my Orca, that's my home.

So what's on the todo-list?
  • Get a backup/primary scout in there so I don't lose the system. Also this will enable me to use non-scanning ships more freely. 
  • Learn about my hosts. Get them on watch-lists, learn what they fly and how they do their business. Intel is king!
  • Clean up the signature-mess! Even if they don't care, I do! It's going to be a lot of scanning, and I want to optimize it not having to go through a bunch of worthless gas and ore each time I look for the new static. Therefore, I should initiate all sites I want to get rid of. 
  • Do a few strategic bookmarks.

Lets go to it!

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