Sunday, February 9, 2014

Change of plans

Sometimes the circumstances just talk to you. Point you in a specific direction. Telling you; this is what you should do, what are you waiting for? Or at least so it feels.

I could not decide exactly what to do with the C4 system I found. I wanted to move stuff in there, but did not know what. Just log an Orca and a Vargur in there? Scan out the system and when it was empty and silent, log them on, quickly setup a small, temporary POS for changing ships and do some plexing? It was tempting to try and do some ninja PVE, but at the same time I had never tried a Vargur for soloing C4s. Without a permanent POS I could not take more ships with me than I could fit into a Orca and/or log off with. It was a cool idea, but maybe I was trying to bite over more then I could chew? For instance, unless I wanted to do hole-closing with a 2B ISK Vargur I had to find another solution for that.

I still like the idea of not having more ships than you could just pack together and log off with if anything happened. You can take more risks and you are much more mobile if you can move all your stuff in one go. When I was living in a C4/C4 doing plexing with two rattlers, I did not have pilots for both the rattlers and the Orca (one rattler-pilot also had to fly the Orca), therefore I had to anchor a SMA if I did not want to leave ships floating.

Anyway, today I changed my plans. I was scanning out the static C2, as usual. My hosts where hanging afk in their POS, as usual. In the static C2 I found another C4, which turned out to be as full of combat-sites as it was empty of inhabitants. It also had a static C2 (easy access to HS) and it was a Red Giant which gives a good boost to smartbombs. Normally you don't care about that effect, but my Vargur happens to be equipped with a smart-bomb to take care of frigs so I could actually get some use out of it.

Now, the whole idea of living extremely light is to be able to move quickly and capitalize on opportunities like this, is it not? Should I therefore just move into this new system instead? Would that be a better place to try out my Vargur? It would take getting my ships out of Beta and getting a replacement long term scout since I was not ready to leave Beta just yet. I also had to fire up the old Orca I had in Amarr and get that into the new system (Gamma?) to setup a POS and that could take some time depending on how far away from Amarr I currently was.

When I checked out the HS in the C2 I ended up in Sarum Prime, that's one single jump from where I had my scout and the Orca! It could not be a better chance, all the planets sort of aligned up for me to just jump over into the new, red giant C4.


  1. Wow, you are back.
    Good to read from you. Would like to exchange some words, but my sub ran out and I am not sure, if I will ever return to EvE.
    Anyway it is good to see that you are ok.

    BR Qumar

  2. Hi Qumar, can i have you stuff , hehe br maggi

  3. Hey Ashi, welcome back. Very happy to read your stories again and good luck in your new endeavours. Recently was trying out Vargur in C4 PVE on test. The only problem I had were Frontier Barracks. 3 neuts are a bit too much. Maybe using MJD would solve an issue.

    Darth Blau