Friday, February 7, 2014

The kings of afk POS-spinning

I have found them! The ones that essentially manages to not do anything, but still be online most of the time. I'm talking about the guys in Beta, the C4 I'm decided to covertly "move into" and try to use as it's my own.

I have now stayed in their system for a few days (long enough for my cleaning up crappy sigs is starting to show, now there's just four sigs to scan down instead of 20) and I have not seen this guys do anything of the normal stuff people do. I saw them haul something in/out once, but that's it. The ubiquitous Tengu they have piloted and floating at the POS normally do not move an inch. He log in and out of the same position.

They don't plex, they don't mine or suck gas (at least I have not seen any of that). It's also clear that they don't do PI. They don't even own the POCOs. This is a 100% industrial endeavour, it might be just one dude. Makes me wonder how many pilots they have in here. I have only seen three so far.

I wonder what they/he would do if I started to run the sites while they/he was on? My original plan was to just run them during their off-time, but since they hardly have any such time, I might need to reconsider...

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