Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mega vs. Proteus + friends

After putting together my first Astero and heading into a C2 just a few jumps from Jita I got a fight with a Proteus. Well not in the Astero and not really like I had thought, but it was still a fun fight.

In this C2 there were some dudes active, I was just seconds away from getting one of their Mastodons at a POCO (I did not decloak tho) and there were two or three afk/active in ships at the POS. I scanned down the system while waiting for something to happen. Their high-sec static was EOL and half mass and they had a incoming lowsec and a C3. There was a Domi hanging piloted, but inactive at the POS. Some other dude was jumping into different ships at a SMA. Eager to test out my little cloaky gank-frig, I was waiting for something that was light or industrial enough for me to attack it to leave the safety of the POS.

When something at last did leave the POS, it was not something light neither industrial, it was a Phobos, a heavy interdictor. He warped to the high-sec and bubbled up. Hmm.. they (he?) had probably seen me and my probes on scan and wanted to try and catch me on my way out. Maybe they thought some of their neighbours were using the exit to haul stuff out. It was close to Jita after all.

Now, I could not do much about the Phobos from the inside, but I could get my alt there in something bigger to play with it. With just half mass I was unlikely to close the WH, but I could at least force him to jump out. Not like I had something better to do. But while Tashi was doing the 10 jumps or so in a pretty heavy tanked Mega, I watched the Phobos get tired, and warp back to the POS. Darn it.

Eventually the Phobos got changed into a Proteus and when I jumped the Mega in the Proteus had just jumped out. Not the best timing. After contemplating what to do with the Mega in their system for a bit I jumped back out to high-sec. And there was the Proteus. By now, the hole was critical and when the Proteus disappeared (I did not see if he jumped back in, or if he cloaked) I took a chance and jumped the Mega heavy back in. That closed the WH and I had now either trapped the Proteus on the outside or he had jumped in before me and I could get a fight. It was the latter, the Proteus de-cloaked and we went at it.

We traded armour for a good while and it looked like I was going to come out on top. The Mega was tripple-plated and the Protues was scrammed and webbed so I did good damage. Obviously this guy might have a lot of friends in here, but I had only seen two other toons active, a covops and the Dominix. I was waiting for the Domi to come and save the Proteus, and I got quite surprised when a Vagabond warped in. Apparently the Vaga was not the only one that got the call for help, because when the Proteus was getting dangerously close to structure, the Domi and two guardians joined in. A Proteus, Vaga, Dominix and two guardians might be a bit too much to take on, and the very definition of a lost cause for my poor Megathron. I had to watch it pop and use a C3 - LS exit to get my pod out.

Even if I did not get to try my Astro out, at least I got a fight. There was just to few of me to win it :)

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