Monday, February 3, 2014

Parasitic living?

This new idea have taken root in my deranged brain. When looking for new ways to explore the unknown while being solo, I have started to think about how to base out of an inhabited system. Could you just move in, and use the system as your own?

Way back when wormholes was first discovered, and C2 systems started to get inhabited, some people grabbed a stealth bomber, selected a active system and started to mess with their operations, making it risky for the inhabitants in their own home. What good is closing your static HS if you already got the vermin snuggled up together with you?

A C2 with a static HS is an easy system to do this with, and since you only have one, or a few, ships that you need to do both scanning, sneaking and killing in, your targets are somewhat limited. But what if you, as a solo-player, tried to push this idea a bit further? Could you find a system, "move in" and use it as a base for simple, low-scale pvp? For pve? Could you even make enough ISK from it to cover any losses? When the inhabitants where not there, you could do their sleepers. When they where there but inactive, you could just ignore them and when they did something you could harass them as best you could. A pure win-win? or.. rather.. well.. you get the point.

It would really be a different approach, to say the least. No POS (at least no permanent one) means   that you need to log in what you flew. And what you did not fly you needed to stuff into an Orca and use that as a true mobile home. 

I might have found a system. It's a C4 with a static C2, one tower, quite big system, lot of sites, lots of gas/ore sites. Small corp. Looks industrial. Lots of crap on scan, a truly dirty system. Maybe they want some help doing the sites? :)

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