Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leaving Alpha

Note: This was meant to be the last post to end my little story on solo carebearing in a C4. It was written before me temporarily leaving Eve for half a year, and never published. A lot of things have happen in Eve since then. Alliances have fallen and risen, Rubicon have been released, etc... Today I revisited this blog and found it, unpublished. I post it as it was written. It makes for a nice ending for my C4 adventures.

Day Z

Today I did something I never done before. I scouted a route from a C4 to Empire (C4-C4-C5-C3-LS) without bookmarking the WH. I had no intention to ever use them again. I was leaving Alpha with my last two scouts, and I was probably not to see the system in a long time.

I had to scout my scouts out because I forgot them when I moved all my stuff out yesterday.

I have been thinking of moving out for some time now, I feel I have explored what I can with this particular setup. I'm no longer jumping for joy when I find a empty system with ten Frontier Barracks to plex - it have lost it's allure. I knew it would, but still. A few days back I spent a lot of time playing games with a fully stabbed out Raven that desperately wanted to close my incoming C4. That's not proper carebear behaviour, not much ISK made from that.

When the last salvage & loot is sold the corporate wallet will show just under 6B, and that's including the expense of the replacement Rattler for the one I lost. That's enough as budget for whatever next thing I'm throwing this little one man shop at. I have been thinking about what to do after this. Maybe I should apply to join my old alliance Transmission Lost and start doing big boys stuff in C5/C6 space again? Wonder if they will have me? Wonder if it will feel like coming home?

Sometimes I feel Bob gives me obvious clues to what to do. When I was thinking about joining Transmission Lost, I found a C6 from a C5 (one of few I have come across during my stay) and cheerfully announced that last fight had been between Polarized and... you guessed it, Transmission Lost. Looked like it had been fun, even if TL came out short. If I know them right they doesn't care. Yesterday when I tried to make up my mind about if I should move out of Alpha, my static had a C3 and the C3 had a high sec (also unusual) three jumps from Amarr where I keep my ships. A sign? Well, in any case I decided there and then. A little more then one hour later I had shipped both Rattlers and two Orca loads of POS and defences out.

I was out of Alpha (well, except from the poor scouts I always seem to forget).


  1. Hi Ashi nice to see you back. TL i think i cannot recommend. but well ist up to you
    come back to us you will find nearly back our old tribe ..
    see you ingame. best reagrds maggi

    1. Yea, I know about TL. When I wrote that half a year ago, they where still around. A lot of things have changed, for sure.