Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rattler down!

Day Ten

I lost my first ship today. One of the Rattlers went down. No, the inhabitants did not log on and killed me while plexing, I make sure I'm in scan-range of the POS and they are usually not savvy enough to log off in something cloaky. No, neither did I lose it at a WH-camp, all holes I jump through are much to scouted for that to be likely. And no, I did not try anything really stupid, like doing Information Sanctum in a Wolf Rayet with only two Rattlers.

I had just started the third wave in a Frontier Barracks, which happens to have tree frigs that actually scram you, when something in my graphics card went belly up and the whole machine crashed. Never happened before. Real bad timing I must say. When I logged back on, I saw that Tashi was still in his Rattler but Ashi was flying a pod. Dammit!

Well, nothing to do more than to recover what I could and crawl back home with my tail between my legs. If I had one, that is.

I logged on a scout and checked the wreck out. Hmm.. the scramming frig-bastards was still there, and since I had lost half of my PVE-fleet, I had nothing to finish the site with. Which meant I had to hot-loot what dropped from the Rattler, somehow get Tashi back on, and out of the site.

Here goes nothing! Uncloaking a Buzzard in a C4 is usually not a bright idea, but Ashis Rattler had managed to drop all the faction-stuff (thanx Bob!) so it was 200M worth of loot in the wreck - well worth a try. I managed to loot almost all of it, and got away in half armour. Phew.

Now to getting Tashi back. Loggin on he would do the reverse-emergency warp back to the point where Ashis Rattler died, and surly get scrammed before he could get out. Depending on just how low into armour or even structure he was, it could be hard to actually kill the frigs before their two BS and four cruiser sleeper friends popped me.

Fortunately he was in perfect health, so I could just pop some warriors, kill the scramming frigs and get out. Half shields, but safe.

Now I had to get to empire and get a replacement Rattler in. But that's a project for tomorrow.


  1. Ashi, you should have the Zephyr in the sma. so you can warp into site and loot lost ships without fearing the sleepers.

    br maggi