Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 days away - security concerns

Day Seven

I have security concerns. I will be away for three days and a lot of my security is based on me being around to take proper measures if someone would actually go for the POS. Unlikely, but you never know.

I live out of a Medium Amarr tower with just a few defences. Enough to force a proper fleet, I don't want it so poorly defended so just any pair of Oracles could do a stront check. At the same time, I don't want to spend a lot of time hauling and anchoring/un-achoring defences when I move. I even had a small POS from the start since they are really quick to get up and running, but after some consideration and the fact that I would not actually be able to move the three billion in ships I have if the POS got reinforced (Don't have pilots for both Rattlers and the Orca for simultaneous logoffski) I went with a medium one.

The defences are just a few scramblers, a few ECM, a web, a neut, a few small lasers and one medium. Lowest resist is 25% (2 hardeners). Only thing that's anchored in the POS is a CHA and a SMA and I never leave anything floating, making the potential rewards for anyone killing it quite small.

But as I said, it's all based on me being around doing things during any eventual reinforcement timer. Now I would not be for three days, so should I put the rattlers in empire? Jumping them around is also a risk, and in this case I think it will be a bigger risk I lose them doing that than someone would manage to REO my POS during my short absence.

It's decided, the Rattlers stay.


  1. Ashi, pos bashing is never fun and nowadays even less because there won't drop any loot from SHA. Everything that is bigger than 25k Cargo will not drop. no pinata no fun :-). So you can relax your three days. bad for me nothing to read from your adventures. br maggi

  2. Loving your blog, I plan on doing this myself at some stage.