Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scout in the wrong system

Day Three

When I log in I discover that I got a incoming C4. Not surprising if you consider the amount of C4/C4 out there, they need to connect somewhere, right? I jump in and get a glimpse of some combat scanner probes. But there's nothing interesting in the system, and I plan on doing the sites I got in Alpha (my C4/C4 home), so I decide to close this and roll my static to get a safe work-environment for my Rattlers to carebear in.

I log on a scout to make the closing a bit safer. As I routinely do a scan just after logon I see a Retriver on scan! Wth!?! somebody mining in my system! How dare they!? What blatant behavior! And how come I did not see him before? Oh, wait.. I'm not home. I'm in a foreign system. But a system that's remarkably familiar... It's the system from yesterday, I simply forgot to jump my scout back home before logging off, and now the connection is gone. I must say that juggling four chars on three accounts is something I'm not that accustom to, and I'm making silly mistakes. Like forgetting where to hang my hat.

Now I need to both scan my scout out, as well as scan a route out from Alpha if I want to get him back home. And I would like that. Even if I can scan with all my other chars in Alpha I like to keep a backup scanner there at all times, if I somehow would get locked out. I even have a fourth alt just logged in the system as a backup to the backup. In case of someone making a serious attempt at killing my POS I'm going to need as many scan alts as I can muster to get friends in for defense.

Anyhow, I start to scan my scout out at the same time as I check out the static C3 in my incoming C4. C3s are good if you want to find empire since they always have a k-space static. This one is a low sec; Pout.

In the meantime my lost scout have manged to find his way out through a C4a-C4b-C4c-C3a-LS-route. See? the C3s as gateways between C4 and k-space once again. The low sec is Usi, which is 42j from Pout. Well, I guess I can't complain, the autopilot will take care of most of the mundane work. In a frig it's really not that slow.

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