Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where are the hoobs?

No, that should not be "noobs", I'm referring to wormhole noobs - hoobs. And, more interestingly, where are the organizations and individuals that take care of them? Where are the RvB's, Eve Uni's and Brave newbie's of the w-space world? To whom do I turn if I'm new to the whole w-space and don't have so much skill-points? And who introduces Eve to total newbies from a w-space perspective?

Now, the general idea among us wormhole folks is that you need a certain level of experience and a minimal level of skill-points to even consider stepping into the great unknown. Most corporations that recruit, do so with a minimum bar of 10-25M skill-points. But what about the really, really new ones? Is w-space really meant to be off limits for newbies with just a few million skill-points?

I don't think so.

I think that just as "if you can fit a point and fly a frig you can pvp" is true, I think "if you can launch probes and have enough friends you can explore w-space" is just as true. I think the whole idea of what w-space is all about have been kidnapped by an elitist few, contorted into some only-the-best-is-good-enough bullshit that only focus on the high-end content. When was the last time the w-space "community" discussed C1's and C2's from a newbie perspective?

So where do a three million SP newbie that are really interested in w-space turn for professional guidance? Is there some old w-space vets out there that give some of their time and wisdom to such a corporation? If there is, I don't know about them. If you know about such a group, one that take on newbies with the intent to make the best out of w-space for them, with their limited SP, let me know! I really looking for somebody that a) got deep experience and knowledge in w-space and b) don't tell people to "train for a Drake and then we will talk".

The thing is, I really have the feeling that there's a bunch of content out there that goes almost totally unexploited as it is now. When CCP designed the C1's and C2s, I'm sure they were trying to create something that, for a low skilled player, would be a challenge but not impossible to manage.

So where are the Brave Hoobies?


  1. EVE University have a wormhole campus.

  2. Yea, I know, but its not quite the same. Might be the closest thing there is tho, I will check it out more closely. Thanks.

  3. I have no clue about Wormholes, so let's do this!-) shrinkie (currently Brave Newbies)

  4. Great post! Hooray! This kind of generalized thinking is long missing from Eve.

    I read into it that all areas of Eve are potential "career paths".
    Why aren't new players presented with intriguing choices and routes of discovery?
    Why is it generally assumed that they have to be drafted, and stuffed, into some entity?

    The new player experience needs so much more thought yet few, if any, give this little more than lip service. Wish there was a +1 direct line to CCP.

  5. I lead some french whewbies (wormhole newbies) in a C2 once, minimum requirements were:
    1) can fit a probe launcher and scan down signature (training was given in high sec before the go).
    2) can fly a cruiser (battlecruiser was better).
    Main problem was to close holes as they neither had Orca nor BS (and don't even think about HICs).

  6. Send them to Rowan Trade Guild. We can use them. Just got through taking a co-worker from never having heard of Eve to flying four accounts un-supervised in our c4 home hole in a few months. It was a blast. He's next door clearing his own gas site of sleepers so he can take his ventures out for the evening. His goal is to build and fly a carrier in here to match the ones our alliance mates have built. I hope someday he pulls us out of reinforced with it when we really need it. I'd love to take on totally new players. I've found it actually better than folks set in to habits that are conducive to w-space. He's having a much better time of eve than I had in my first year, he's richer and a better player all around.

  7. We've always welcomed new players in our wormhole corp and in fact have gone out of our way many times to recruit them. While we welcome scouts and chain scanners, I imagine for new players it is about as exciting as watching paint dry. PvE has a natural skill requirement. Wormhole PvP is far more intensive to be really effective given the prevalence of T3 opponents. We encourage our new recruits to set up their PI, get their ISK flowing, and join up with other players once they can fit a sufficient tank. I wish it was easier and that EVE rewarded group play more but we have a great group of pilots that help out our newer recruits even if it means less ISK for them when running sites.