Friday, March 21, 2014

Nomadic behaviour

I was done in my Red Giant, the sites all gone and the Vargur fit tested successfully. I was ready to move on. When I got a decent empire-connection I pulled down my small POS and moved my ships back to Amarr.

When I one day later stumbled upon a C4/C3 and over 20 combat sites, I decided to move in. The system was inhabited, but they did not seem to be very active or dangerous. They certainly did not want to run their sites! I saw no reason why I could not just move in and run the sites while they where busy elsewhere, or simply not present.

After I spent some time in the new system watching the locals (which more or less only was one guy trying to run the sites in a Tengu) I decided to play nice and actually announce my intentions of moving in, at the same time offering some help with the plexing, boosts and whatnot. The answer was positive but a little bit tentative. Not strange, all things considered.

I moved in, setup my small POS and got settled in. I might have surprised the system inhabitants just a little bit with the quick movement, but I had no reason to hang around. The static C3 made for plenty of potential low sec routes. Occasionally you even get a C3 with a high sec static (statistically that's about 1/5 of the time I think).

After speaking some with the locals, I understood that several corporations were involved. There was an old one nobody seen in ages but that owned the POCO as well as two other corps that had presence in the system in the form of one POS each. Now they might form an alliance together. A third corp that had operations in null sec where potentially also moving in, so in short - the system was a small brewing pot with a high chance of producing a new w-space alliance given some time. Remember, you heard it here first!

As it happened, I never got around to flying much with all this nice people because after one day in the system almost all the sites de-spawned and I only got around to running five or so. What a pity.

I moved out after a few days in the C4/C3, but made a few friends in the process.


  1. nice story, thats the story of kobo, when he was entering our c2 for pi. which later took me then to TL and you :-)

    br maggi

  2. Yea, w-space is like that, right? If you can get over the small detail that you will be slaughtered and shoot dead on sight, if possible, it's not that hard to make friends. W-space is hard and harsh, but it doesn't need to be unfriendly.

  3. so true...

    hope to see you soon ingame. atm at night shift again. got my pvp toon skilled to amarr carrier 5 now , yeah... fighters 4 in 6 days done.... br maggi